My Favorite Family Heirloom

As is the tradition, my father opens the family gathering with a prayer, the same prayer spoken before our family meal for as long as I can remember. My father is my favorite family heirloom and today we gather in celebration of his 85th day on earth. My mother spoils us family style with the southern comfort food we adore. We tell the same stories and listen to the same jokes my father has told for many decades and wait in anticipation for his innovation of the hour. Today, he announced that he wanted to publish a newspaper that only reported good news. After a week of discovery reading blogs, I realize that the reason for the popularity of blogs is exactly what my father envisioned: news that celebrates everything good in the world; the things that bring us joy and peace; the beauty that we find in the world and want to share with all who care to listen. So today, inspired by my father, I embark on this new endeavor to publish a blog. Happy Birthday, Dad. HEIRLOOM is born!
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