Lakeside Renovation

I trust everyone had a restful and enjoyable Memorial Day holiday!

I just stumbled upon this extraordinary lake house renovation that I knew you would love as much as I do. It's from one of my favorite designers - Heather Chadduck. Having been through a year long renovation myself, I know how challenging it is to make things fresh and modern within the framework of the existing architecture. Heather makes it look effortless as she works with a childhood friend to create a peaceful family retreat at the lake. Click on over to At Home in Arkansas and learn all about the renovation. It's a great interview and highlights all of the great sources and paint colors.

I love this view looking back at the cottage, it's almost as there is no glass at all.

It's so hard to pick favorites from this renovation but this guest room is amazing especially the triple bunk created from an old closet. The swivel chairs are from Lee industries and are the same ones I recently ordered for my new office. I love them!

I love the unobstructed view from the tub!

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Rustic Getaway

Wishing all of you a fun Memorial Day weekend!

I love the idea of getting away to a rustic family cabin at the lake, beach or mountains, nothing fussy, just a special place to bring family and friends together.

Here are a few images that have found their way to my Pinterest boards that have me dreaming.

I love that white slipcovered chaise! This cozy little cabin room is from everyone's favorite architect - Bobby McAlpine.

I love the rustic shutters around the door and you can see an outdoor curtain just out of view. You could easily close just the shutters and let the breeze come through.

Love the painted floor in combination with the rustic barn paneling. Look closely, the picture is taken through a dutch door. Oh my!

I don't know where this is but take me there. I have always had a thin for stone houses, old beams and dutch doors.

Soft, hazy colors and natural textures give this Shelter Island, New York, living room a breezy elegance. Homeowners Harriet Maxwell Macdonald and Andrew Corrie sanded the oak floors, leaving them unfinished, and sanded and whitewashed the pine-plank walls and botanical tiles. 

I love this craggily entrance that looks like someone gathered rustic things from around the property to create it. I love the thought of leaving a pretty refined traditional space back home and retreating to something very rustic - wood paneling, bark siding, old beams, stone walls, reclaimed wood - all the things that remind me of the natural world just beyond the door.

The covered porch, above, is one of my all time favorite images from a North Carolina cabin decorated by Charleston designer, Amelia Handegan.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Inspiring People: Meet Barbara Colvin

I wanted to introduce you to one of the most amazing people. I had the incredible opportunity to get to know Barbara Colvin at this year's High Point Furniture Market after she wondered into our antique booth at market and bought all of my favorite things. She came back after a busy day of appointments and then again the following day and sat down with us. It was one of those rare times where you feel like you have known each other forever.  My sister and I and our friend Kathy had the most fun hearing about her amazing life full of creative adventures. We talked about everything from antique textiles to interior design to wine tasting and cupcakes. Oh and the beautiful stitchery in authentic Mexican blouses. Seriously, our conversations were hard to follow because we were having so much fun jumping from one creative pursuit to another with Barbara sharing interesting stories from her creative adventures. Those over-the-top gorgeous big barn doors are part of her lovely estate and vineyard in Napa Valley. It was featured in Veranda in 2006, used as the backdrop for Restoration Hardware's catalog and as the venue for a wedding recently featured here on Style-Me-Pretty. 

Aren't you in love with those big, gorgeous barn doors?

The view from the inside looking out is just as compelling. I love the "x" pattern over the doors. Barbara has a very thoughtful eye as you will see in the photos that follow and is devoted to green design using natural materials and a serene palette inspired by nature in all her interiors. 

I love this statement from Barbara's website that describes her design philosophy. 
It is exactly the way I want to live:

"Drawing inspiration from an understanding of and affection for nature and art history, Barbara Colvin Designs thoughtfully utilize natural colors and honest materials in an effort to create an organic base, with exteriors that blend harmoniously with the environment. Interior finishes and furnishings mimic that same integral quality, but are juxtaposed with vibrant touches for an element of surprise. This distinctive style has an air of rustic sophistication, paying homage to the land while indulging in modern comfort."

She bought an antique textile from us that is one of those treasures that you own that maybe you wish you hadn't sold. It had a wonderful hand, made from natural fibers, and was in a delicious of-the-moment citron green with gray undertones. We talked about where we thought this beautiful piece of handmade fabric originated and made our theories, but in the end we were undecided. I hope Barbara will send me a picture of the finished room that this piece calls home. 

I think that is one of my favorite things about selling antiques, a kinda' of before-and-after scenario...seeing an extraordinary antique that tells a story plucked from the clutter of a shop or market and incorporated into a beautifully clean and modern interior. It would make a great new blog series.

Barbara's designs are somewhat unique as she plans both the interior and exterior living spaces.

I love the way the rooms she designs live inside-out...I might not ever leave the table! Barbara is a big advocate for Verellen Furniture, an all-green Belgian inspired furniture line that is slipcovered in natural Belgian linen. Verellen is made right down the street from me in High Point, North Carolina.  The dining chair showcased above is my favorite piece in the Verellen line - the Julien Chair.

I love everything about this dining space especially the eclectic seating gathered around the table. The sculptural, slipcovered his and her chairs are perfection! The neutral palette lets the view steal the focal point and the use of natural materials make the transition from inside to the landscape beyond seamless.

Love the colors especially that pop of warm orange. This living room features the Verellen Julien chair in orange and the Clementine sofa and chair in shades of gray linen.

The picture above is one of the photos of Barbara's home when it was featured in Veranda in 2006. Okay, so do the math, that was six years ago and this room with the pops of green and chic library light over the window seat, is so what's 'hot' right now. Barbara's designs are definitely timeless. The way I see it  - "You can't go wrong taking your design cues from nature and history."

A beautiful bedroom from Barbara's portfolio highlights her talent for creating warm and natural bedrooms. I love her use of color and mix of patterns. I also really like the sheer window treatment over the accent window in combination with the linen panels for the expansive set of doors.

A close up of a bed with natural linens in interesting 'tone-on-tone' colors and patterns.

Can you say good morning!

Barbara told us about her trip to Italy when she discovered the original pair of antique doors like the ones above that she used to create all of the doors in her house. Her winery is called "Hoops" winery. She liked the simplicity of the design but also liked that the "o's" reminded her of the two "o"'s in her name. She told us a funny story about the day she discovered the original pair of doors while touring the Italian countryside by cab.

Notice the bleached wood plank ceiling and those killer pendant lights. You can't miss the great looking gray barn doors. For this living space, she selected the Julien sectional sofa from Verellen. The little bird on the coffee table reminds me of the bird on her business card.

The bedroom above reminds me of the vibrant color of the antique textile Barbara bought from us.

I love this little shot of a very thoughtfully designed bath. Not only is the styling for the photography great, I just can't get over that gorgeous tile!

Here is Barbara's business card. I should have known I would love everything about her interior design from the moment she handed me her business card. 

Don't you just love it! 
It feels incredible in the palm of your hand.

Thank you, Barbara, for inspiring us and taking the time to get to know us at market. We look forward to seeing more of your designs and hearing all about your latest creative adventures at next year's market.


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The View through the Window: Oly Studio

One of the showrooms at market that I always find inspiring is Oly Studio. 

Oly was founded in Berkeley, California by Bay Area designers Kate McIntyre and Brad Huntzinger. According to their website, "Oly's furniture and accessories present a fresh blend of clean lines and antique motifs". That explains why I am drawn to their line. I gravitate towards clean lines and love the thought of creating new pieces from the classics found in the antique world. Right now, I am really into the juxtaposition of antiques and modern. 

I loved the big and bold hand painted botanical walls...incredible! The photo below from Habitually Chic shows the fabulous wall mural that adorned the showroom last Fall. It's hard to improve upon perfection but I think they did it.

{Photo from Habitually Chic; Oly Studio, Fall High Point Furniture Market 2011}

An all white display fills the opposite window. 

There's something so graphic about an all white room. I love the tone on tone display in varying shades of white and the clean lines of the furniture coupled with the whimsical accessories.

A sweet child's chair with pretty pink fabric sits on the ledge in the window.


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Paper Dresses

You are probably wondering if I am still alive after my long break from blogging. I am finally back with lots of interesting pictures from the High Point Market. 

First, let me thank everyone for your words of encouragement. We had a fantastic week at the Antiques and Design Center at Market Square and have already signed a contract to show again in the Fall (October 12-18th). We will spend the summer and early Fall collecting more fabulous things. 

Speaking of fabulous things, Tom Delcambre, another vendor at the Antiques and Design Center, took my breath away with his amazing paper dresses. You never know what you will discover at market. The buzz at market is contagious with creative people feeding off of all the energy. It's something you have to experience for yourself. Market is so much about the collective creative experience and extends way beyond the innovative products introduced at market - it's the vibe, the collective of artists and inspiring people, the way everyone is dressed, the flowers, the food and the styling of the displays.

I love being around creative people...

Tom also makes these hand cut pet silhouettes. 

photo above from Natural Curiosities booth in Market Square

I would like to thank the talented designers that shopped with us and took the time to get to know us. You made our time at market memorable and inspiring.

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